Dead moonJellies Eastern Shore Mobile bay

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🌊 On 11.09.2020 We walked down to the bay and noticed a mega ton of dead moon jellies and a few combs. We were about a week and a half post hurricane Zeta, Which dumped in a few feet plus or minus of sand on the Eastern shore of Mobile Bay.

.And one week ago we had a full moon actually a blue moon because it was the second full moon in the month. On November 9 it was still a pretty big moon as a waxing gibbous, giving us high high tides and low low tides.
We also saw a bunch of jelly imprints which are really pretty and if I had any concrete and some extra time I would’ve created some really cool casts.
Just wondering what kind of brought these jellies to our site since we didn’t see them the week before. Also wondering what happened to the jellies that had created those imprints..
Check out this video for more info.

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